30 Stadiums. One Summer.

From May to August 2014, I traveled to every MLB stadium and photographed a game. My goal was to explore each stadium's unique aspects, find commonalities among all stadiums and document moments on and off the field. In photographing all 30 stadiums, I attempted to use photography to create a portrait of America through its National Pastime.

My goal is to sell prints from the games and publish a book if the interest is there. I will donate the profits to MLB's Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities Scholarship fund. Click here to learn more about RBI and the Scholarship Fund.

In the summer of 2005, I played on a baseball team in a league sponsored by Major League Baseball's Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities program. We practiced hard and played our hearts out, advancing to the league championship at Wrigley Field. To play at The Friendly Confines, where so many greats had previously displayed their talent, was both a privilege and a dream come true.

In the 16 years I played the game, I had so much fun competing on the field and I learned quite a bit around the field. This project is an homage to the game that has given me so much.

Me hitting at Wrigley Field in August 2005. Photo by my dad, Jay Whitehouse. 

Me hitting at Wrigley Field in August 2005. Photo by my dad, Jay Whitehouse.